Stoves For Darfur
Fuel Efficient Stoves for women and families in Darfur

Current Donations: $130,000 or 4,333 stoves.

News Update:  June 1, 2009

Stoves For Darfur is expanding to Rwanda.  Please click here:  You are invited to join the new Facebook Group by clicking here: Stoves For Rwanda.

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 News Update:  March 7, 2009

Many western aid and development organizations have been told to leave Sudan by the Sudanese government.  CHF International, the international development and humanitarian aid organization that has a program for making and distributing fuel-efficient stoves in Darfur, is one of the organizations that was told to leave.

CHF is examining other options in terms of expanding their operations to other African countries that have both a need for fuel-efficient stoves and share a legacy of genocide.  Stoves For Darfur will increase the scope of this project, with the understanding that we will not abandon the people of Darfur. 


My name is Spencer Brodsky. I am 17 years old. In the summer of 2007, I began a project to help women and families in Darfur, through the donation of fuel-efficient stoves through CHF International.

Why Fuel-Efficient Stoves?

Even though there is a shortage of fuel wood in the desert, families still must rely on this resource to cook their food. Many women and children leave the relative safety of their relief camps and spend up to seven hours a day gathering fuel wood, from farther and farther away. They travel to remote areas, imposing great risk upon themselves. Fuel-efficient stoves allow families to use 70% less fuel wood to cook the same amount of food. This reduces the number of wood collection trips, and also lessens the environmental degradation and deforestation.

CHF is an international development and humanitarian aid organization, with more than 50 years of experience implementing community-led solutions in more than 100 countries. My contributions are donated to their fuel-efficient stove project.

$30 Can Change A Life:

A fuel-efficient stove costs $30. My initial project goal was 400 stoves, or $12,000. I have exceeded my goal through the production and sale of a DVD about a Holocaust survival story and additional donations. Because of what these stoves mean to women and families in Darfur, I have decided to continue to work on this project by:

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